Forno a legna per cucinare pizza, pane, dolci e carne. - forno a legna saf

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Forno a legna per cucinare pizza, pane, dolci e carne.

Forno a legna


Novità: forno a legna SAF "modello 70"

SAF is an ecological wood-fired oven. It has a separate combustion realized with a meticulous artisan working and the employment of quality materials.
Thanks to its perfect design, SAF wood-fired oven offers all advantages of a simple and genuine cooking. The wood consumption is very low.
SAF wood-fired oven is in two models available: family and professional. The fuel system can be wood-fired oder gas.

SAF wood-fired oven enable you to economize a lot of energy. Thanks to a particular system, burnt gas are employed before being released from the flue.
It allows to recycle the warmth that a standard wood-fired oven cannot use. Thermic insulation enables the oven to hold the warmth some hours.
This turns into a low cost employment that makes the SAF wood-fired oven cheaper than traditional or electrical ovens.

The praticalness is another strong point of SAF wood-fired oven. There are two turning cooking levels in refractary and drawn material to can easily exploit the whole cooking surface and watch all the courses. The diameter of each cooking levels is 80 centimetres.
The cooking room is self-cleaning : fats that settle inside wall (of stainless steel) are burnt from the warmth. It remains high till the end of cooking.
SAF wood-fired oven is self-airy and so offers a perfect cooking in both the levels (that are totally exploitable). Temperature can be easily checked thanks to a thermometer placed on the cooking room’s door.
The cooking room can be watched from the outside by a thermic glass.
SAF wood-burning oven permits simultaneous cooking of meat and fish.

SAF wood-fired oven is unique of its kind thanks to its special and meticulous design. It is suitable for any exigency both in family and in professional context.
SAF wood-fired oven can boast the title of “ecological oven” : thanks to the division between the cooking room and the firebox, its cooking is healthy and natural, there aren’t ashes or burnt gas.

SAF wood-fired oven is very profitable also for restaurants and pizzerias. Thanks to the cheapness of use (in comparison with traditional or electrical oven), its small bulk and the easiness of use, it can be used during the week when the customer flow is less.
At your request SAF wood-fired oven can be equipped with a particular system that enable the combination between the oven and the pre-existent heating system other the independent radiators. Lines of business too (like pizzerias and restaurants) in this way can obtain non-stop hot water and make an extra saving. The oven performance isn’t damaged from these processes.
SAF wood-fired oven is suitable for each environment. It has restrained dimensions, small weight (compared to the other ovens) and the cover is in hammered aluminium, stainless steel and hammered copper available. It can be placed both in a country and in a modern style furniture other it can be fitted in household appliances.

SAF wood-fired oven at your request can be equipped with turning wheels.
SAF oven is available also using gas.
SAF wood-fired ovens comply with European Directives.

I 2 piani di cottura sono composti da mattoni refrattari in cordierite certificati per uso alimentari, questi mattoni consentono di accumulare la coloria e restituirla in maniera costante e uniforme.

Come nei forni a legna tradizionali il forno a legna SAF è in grado di raggiungere ed accumulare, grazie ai suoi mattoni, la temperatura necessaria per cuocere la pizza.
In queste foto potete vedere che un forno a legna tradizionale ha una temperatura di circa 400° gradi nei mattoni vicini alla brace, il forno a legna SAF può raggiungere le stesse temperature.
Questa caratteristica permette di cuocere nei forni a legna SAF il tradizionale pane "carrasau e pistoccu" prodotto in Sardegna. Potete trovare qui la ricetta di questo pane.


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